This is a true story, except the individual's name has been changed.

I was 25 when this happened. I had just graduated from university and started work at a local company. I was young and ready to take on the world. It was there I met Sabrina, a hot Malay woman in her early thirties. She was married with children. Initially, I struck up a professional relationship with her. After a while she complained that her marriage was unfulfilling and her husband didn't care about her.

One day I asked her out on a date, her husband was out of town for a few days. I picked her up and we went for a nice dinner and ended up in a pub. Sabrina started complaining that the place was too smoky and loud. I suggested we went back to my place and she agreed. As soon as we got to my place we started making out. We were on my living room floor necking and French kissing for some time. Sabrina then undid my zipper and immediately took my cock in her mouth. I was freaking out a little since I didn't expect to go that far. She gently licked at my perineum and took my balls in her mouth. It drove me nuts!

We got out of our clothes and I returned the favor licking her wet pussy and flicking my tongue on her clit. I put some spit on my index and middle finger and started gently inserting them into her pussy and asshole. She got startled when I worked my finger into her ass but she moaned with pleasure at the combination of the clit licking and pussy finger fucking. She said that no one had ever played with her asshole before, the sensations and the idea that she was doing a "dirty" deed made her juices flow like crazy.
She then couldn't take it anymore and pushed away. She started straddling my cock. I stopped her whipped out a condom (Durex with spermicidal lubricant) and placed it on my cock. She lowered herself down on me rode me like a wild woman.

We switched positions and I mounted her with her legs splayed as far as they could go. I pumped her and worked her nipples with my mouth. She was screaming like a banshee and I was getting worried the neighbors' would hear, it was a predominantly Malay area.
It was a great ride. I then asked her gently if she would like to try it up the ass? She stopped for a while and said that she had never had it that way before and was scared. I assured her that we could give it a try and if it was uncomfortable or painful I would stop. She gave me a nervous grin and agreed. I kissed her and told her to relax.

The only lube I had was some Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion. I rushed up to my room and brought the bottle down. I set it down next to her and we were kissing for a while. I rubbed her clit a little to get the fire stoked again. After a while I went down on her and started working her clit and pussy with my tongue. The spermicidal lubricant from the condom made it a bitter task but I kept on. I then had lift her buttocks to get access to her asshole. It was a sweet puckered virgin asshole. I gently massaged her perineum and tickled the surrounding area with my finger. I then took a dollop of lotion and started spreading it around her asshole. All the while I was tonguing her clit and finger fucking her pussy. I first inserted my index finger up her ass. I felt her sphincter resist then relax. I jiggled my index finger in her ass gently and continued my oral ministrations on her clit. She had started moaning rather loudly (this actually turned me off). I then took my finger out of her ass then applied more lotion on my index and first finger. I inserted my two lotion covered fingers slowly into her asshole, I figured this should help stretch her a little to receive my cock, and continued licking her clit. I finger fucked her asshole for a while until I couldn't stand it any more.

I asked her if she was ready and she nodded. I took the bottle and placed its opening close to her asshole. I told her to relax and squeezed some of the lotion directly into her ass. She giggled saying that it was very cold and ticklish!

We got into a spooning position with me behind her. This was so that I could stimulate her clit while I fucked her ass. She grabbed my cock and guided it into her asshole. I kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe telling her how great I felt. Throughout the entire process, I had forgotten to wear a new condom, (this is the most irresponsible thing I have ever done and I am grateful that nothing bad happened). I gently worked my cock up her ass and started playing with her clit at the same time. She went wild! I kept a very smooth and slow pace fucking her ass and we continued that for a while. She then stopped me and said that she wanted to get back on top of me. Being in control turned her on.

Who was I to argue? I got on my back and she straddled me again. She lowered her asshole down on my hard cock; I gently massaged her clit with my thumb. She slammed down real hard and screamed. She had gone too fast too soon but the combination of pleasure and pain seemed to turn her on and she rode me hard. It was too much and I started to feel the tingle of an impending orgasm. I told her that I was ready to come and started frigging her clit more intensely. I couldn't hold back and emptied my cock in her ass. She hadn't come yet and was riding my spent cock for at least 3 minutes before she shuddered and come.

My cock slid out of her ass along with various fluids that had accumulated during that session of ass fucking. We cuddled for a while and she told me that that was the kinkiest thing she had ever done. She and her husband just did missionary position during their obligatory fuck sessions. We just hung out for a while in my living room. My sperm started dribbling out of her asshole and she was farting from the air that got trapped while I wailed on her asshole and she was getting a little embarrassed.

She wanted to get cleaned up and I suggested that she get an enema to flush all the semen out of her asshole. She blushed and asked me if I could administer one for her. I didn't have any enema equipment in my house but I put an enema bag together using a condom and a straw (how's that for ingenuity?). I filled the condom with some warm water plugged the straw with my finger and we went to the bathroom. I laid down a beach towel on the floor, I wanted to make this as erotic as possible for her. I got her to get down on her hands and knees and put her buttocks in the air. I then gently parted her butt cheeks and inserted the straw in her asshole. With my free hand I played with her clit. She was starting to get turned on again. I slowly squeezed the condom and let some warm water into her ass. She started moaning softly. She said that it felt very comfortable, nice and warm. I emptied a quarter of the bag into her ass and continued to stimulate her clit. She was getting extremely excited. I emptied another quarter of the bag and she started shuddering. I told her to hold back as long as she could. I kept on frigging her clit and squeezing the warm water into her ass. She then turned back and screamed that she was coming and couldn't hold it in any longer! I tool the straw out of her asshole, she shuddered and literally exploded. The liquid backed up from her ass and streamed out down her legs as she orgasmed. "How's that for kinky?" I asked her and smiled. She said that I was either very sick puppy or an erotic genius.

She returned the favor by giving me one hell of a blowjob. We both got in to the shower together and got cleaned up. We had ass and pussy juice all over us after that encounter. Yes, it smelled pretty bad after the eroticism wore out.

We got together a couple of times, had all sorts of sex, and then drifted apart. She was interested in a long-term relationship (after divorcing her husband) I was 25 and interested in working and fucking. She eventually remarried and went to live overseas. We see each other occasionally, we never fucked again after the remarriage. She admitted that she never did any of the deeds we would do with her husband, they did the standard oral and vaginal sex. I've never found anyone as sexually open as her in Malaysia again