OK, I , in the 8th grade. My older brother was a year older, a freshman. He ran track, so he hung out with alot of the older track guys. Our high school and jr high school were in the same building, so I knew some of his friends too.

Anyway, the end of the year came along, 8th grade was over and some of the seniors graduated. this one kid, Kevin, was having a party and my brother and I were invited. I saw this as a great chance to flirt with some older guys, so I dressed in some tight jeans and a tank-top. We got to the party (a drinking party), and I was very shy, I felt so out of place. All the kids there were older and drinking. I had never been drunk before, so I felt lost when my brother disappeared w/ his friends to drink.

Well, the guy that threw the party, Kevin, and another guy from the team, Rob, started talking to me. I flirted back, and I had a few nasty tasting beers as I watched them become drunk. Keving was not exactly what I call a hottie, but he is very cute in his own way. Rob ont eh other hand, is a blonde-haired/blue-eyed cutie. So, I had a crush on them both. As we were talking and flirting (I couldn't believe these 2 guys that were headed off to college were flirting with a girl that wasn't even a freshman yet) I stared to get drunk myself.

I over did it in my attempt to be cool by drinking, and I got extremely drunk. So, Kevin and Rob took me up to Kevin's room to, as they said, "let me sleep some of it off". Of course I was oblivious to what was about to happen.

We got to Kevin's room, and i laid down on the bed. Being away form the loud music and noise of the party was nice. As I was lying there Rob laid down next to me and kissed me. I kissed him back, and the next thing I know he is feeling my boobs. I went with it, loving the feeling of being a "bad-girl". Soon Rob and I were in a total make-out session. Kevin was watching TV, which he soon turned off. He disappeared into his connecting bathroom. Rob was slowly reaching his hand up my shirt, and I was loving the feeling of drunkenness combined with sexuality. A few minutes later kevin returned, naked. He had a few things in his hand that I coundn't identify from my groping session w/ Rob. I soon realized thatRob's pants were off and what Keving brought in was a box of condoms and vasaline. Now I got a scared feeling, but I didn't want to back out now, I mean i had 2 hot older guys horney as hell over me and it was my first time drinking.

One thing lead to another and Kevin was standing next to the bed, nude. He asked me to give him a blowjob. I hadn't ever done this, but I gave it my best try, sucking on his penis. Rob may be hotter, and his penis isn't small, but Kevin's was huge! I could hardly get it into my mouth.

Anyway, I sucked Keving for a few minutes, then Rob laid me down on my back and went down on me. It felt soo good, having a finger in me and him licking my clit was the best feeling in the world. After a few minutes Rob stopped, and Kevin stood over me. Without saying a word he started working his penis into me. It hurt like hell, and he went real fast, but after a few minutes it was ok. Soon he rolled me over and we had sex "doggie style", then I felt him pull out. Dismayed because it was starting to be pleasureable, I looked back to see what was happening. Keving was taking the vasaline from Rob and rubbing it all over his penis. I just looked on as he finished and moved back toward me. Then I felt a tremendous pain as Keving forced his penis into me ass. I never expected this to happen. It hurt more than anything in my life. There was no going back now, so I just pressed my face into the bed to muffle my moans/screams. Keving went so hard and fast. I could feel his testicles slapping against my vagina. Then he started moaning real loud, I felt him thrust into my as far as he could, then I felt his penis quivering inside my butt. I knew what the warm feeling was, his cum. He had taken off the condom to put it in my butt. I just laid there in pain, still with my rear-end up in the air. I knew these 2 had done this to other girls before. It was planned.

I looked up to see Rob putting on a condom. I just put my head back down as he entered my vagina. He was a bit smaller, so it didn't hurt. He had his way with me, as I wasn't enjoying myself anymore. Soon he pulled out, took off the rubber, lubed up and he too put it in my butt. It hurt, again. He went fast, I remember his grabbing my butt-cheeks as he rammed me, then I felt him cum too.

I let him finish, and I saw Keving sittin on the floor, watching TV. I got up and walked, bow-legged, into the bathroom. I sat ont he bowl, and I released what felt like a gallon of cum out of my sore butt. It was so gross, I was so sore, and my ass was all sticky and red. I tried to wipe some of the vasaline/cum goo off, but the toilet paper just hurt too much. I finished up, and put my clothes back on. I just left. I found my brother, waited a half hour or so for our ride to leave and went home.

The night was so exciting at first, I though these 2 hot guys liked me, I though I might make out with them at most. Instead my excitement turned into a scary feeling as I realized that I had been used. These 2 guys only intention was to de-virgin me and put their penis' in my ass. I never told my brother about it. I never saw Rob of Kevin again as my bro's friendship with them deminished while they were away at college.