Well here's what happened. There's this tv news anchor on television in my area who is amazingly beautiful. She has shoulder length blonde hair and the best looking face i had ever seen on a news personality. she looked like she was in her late 20's or early 30's. i would later find out she 6. well she was hot as hell and there was nothing more i wanted to do than to fuck her.
Well one day i was walking down newbury street in boston along with some friends when i noticed this tv anchor walking down the street alone. She went into a store and i quickly followed her in there alone. She was looking at some clothes. I walked up next to her and pretended to be looking at some clothes too. I then looked up and started talking to her. "Aren't you on television?" i asked. "yeah, I'm kinda surprised you noticed," she said half sarcastically. Well i got to talking to her for a few minutes. things were going really well and after like ten minutes she asked me how old i was. i said 21 even though i'm 18. then to my amazement she asked me if i was doing anything that night(it was a friday). i said no and she then asked me if i'd like to go out to dinner with her since she had a night off. I said sure, and told her i'd think of the place and pick her up. I got her address and walked away smiling the whole time.
Well i picked her up for dinner. we went to a kinda fancy type of restaurant. i had just enough money to pay for the meals. We talked the entire night. she kept telling me that since she worked on the weekends not many guys went out with her. But since she had the whole weekend off this week she decided she wanted to go out and make the first move. I laughed at that and then told her that when i had seen her on tv she was the most beautiful person i had ever seen but she looked even better in person. she smiled at that. the night was going really well. We finished dinner and then went out and just walked around Quincy Market for a few hours. After a little while i had my arm around her and she was responding nice to me. I then drove her back to her apartment building. In the car i made my move. I moved in and started to kiss her. she kissed back and we touched tongues for a few minutes. After that she asked me if i wanted to come up to her apartment for a few minutes. When she opened the door we went at it again. We moved over to the couch and started making out like mad. After like 5 minutes she got up and let her dress fall to the ground. she was wearing red silk panties and bra. She smiled and walked to her bedroom. I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my pants and jacket and shirt. I ran into the bedroom wearing nothing but boxers. "It's been a while since there's been more than one person in this bed," she said. "maybe we can break that streak." She sat down on the bed and i moved in. We kissed some more as i gently took off her bra. She slid her hands down my boxers and held my rock hard dick. I took her breasts in my hands and slowly massaged them.I broke away from kissing and made my way to her tits.I kissed each one and made my way to just one. I began to kiss it all around and then began to suck on it while massaging the other one. while i was doing this she was beginning to jerk me off. i stopped her and she stood up and took off her panties. there was only a little patch of blonde hair down there. she lay down and i took off my boxers. I began to kiss her again and then began to kiss her down her body. I kissed every part of her. I kissed each breast and sucked on each and then made my way down. I kissed her stomach and then went down to her pussy. I began to lick it inside and out. She kept moaning. just before she was about to cum i stopped and moved back up and kissed her again. I then lay down on the bed and she got up. She got on top of me and lowered herself onto my dick. She then began to bounce up and down. Her wonderful tits were bouncing up and down. she rode me like i had never expected her to. It was amazing. She kept it up for about 10 minutes untill we both cummed. I spent the night and we woke up the next morning and did it again. I went out with her a few more times.