A weekend in New York

We decided to meet for a weekend in New York. I came up on the Friday and Madeleine, my beloved, came down from Boston, where she was a student. I had booked a small room in a boutique hotel, favored by artists and designers in Midtown Manhatten and had spent the day anxiously anticipating what might happen. She was coming down by train that evening and was due to arrive at Penn Station.00pm. I thrilled at the prospect of making love the first time, but was prepared for disappointment. We had never exactly promised each other a sexual experience, although we both felt extremely attracted to each other. While I spent the day wandering around, visiting bookstores and freqently checking my watch, at last it was time to get ready. I went up to my hotel room to change from the warm day in the city. On entering the room I was immediately aware of someone's presence. In the darkness I could make out a silhouette of a young woman against the white silk curtains that flowed in the gentle breeze of the airconditioner. I could see the fluttering of her hair and smell the familiar perfume.
"Sweetheart! You came early, I am so glad to see you."
" I couldn't wait and took the earlier train. It was easy finding this lovely place. Come let me hold you."
We embraced passionately. It was wonderful to feel the soft moistness of her lips, and the way her body yieded to my embrace.
"Let's go eat" she said "and I'll tell you about my adventures."
I had already scouted out a nice restaurant in a courtyard nearby, and so we set out, walking arm in arm in the balmy air of a July evening. During the meal I gently caressed her hand with my fingers, felt her delicate wrist and the fine hair on her bare arm and thrilled at the sense of her arousal.
After our meal we returned to our hotel room and on closing the door, relished the feeling of being alone. In the semi- darkness of that little room, lit by the glow of the neon sign outside and chilled by the breeze from the humming airconditioner, we slowly undressed each other. She took my shirt off and ran her cool fingers over my chest. I took off her blouse and stared at her beautiful breasts hidden within her bra. She undid the clasp to reveal two lovely small breasts, with exquisite dark nipples that were firm and erect. I softly ran the tips of my fingers over the nipples and she let out a gasp of pleasure, arching her neck backwards and trembling with delight. She then slowly unzipped my trousers and let them fall to the ground.
She then ran her hand across my navel and down towards my briefs, outlining the bulge of my erection with her hand. She then pulled down my briefs and out sprang my throbbing member. Her cool hand proceeded to circle the shaft and to caress the head and lubricate the sensitive spot beneath the tip with my pre-cum.
My senses went into overload as endorphins raced through my brain, causing my ears to pop and my voice to let out a little cry. "That feels so good" I murmered, "Don't stop."
At the same time I slipped my fingers beneath the elastic of her panties and slowly drew them down. As I did I felt the warmth and moistness of her vagina and the soft curls of her pubic hair. We were both fully naked.
I knelt before her and kissed her navel, letting my tounge encircle the tight form of her belly button. I let my lips move slowly across her thighs and across her pubic hairs, savoring the texture of the tightly wound curls. At last my mouth touched the tip of her clitoris, and the warm wet lips of her vagina. As I did so she held my head and ran her fingers through my hair, pressing me closer to her. As my tounge pressed against her clitoris and penetrated her vagina she cried out as she achieved the first of many orgasms of that evening. I could feel her shudder and tremble with ecstacy.
She then pulled me up onto my feet and led me over to the bed, drawing back the crisp white sheets. She lay back and stretched out her arms for me to join her. I relished the sensation of maximum contact with every part of our bodies from lips to toes. It was delicious to feel every part of me tingling with desire. I pulled out a condom and she unfurled it over my penis, that was already slick from pre-cum. She then pulled me towards her and spread her long silky legs to let my pulsating member enter her waiting vagina. My penis was ready to explode. I have never experienced such pleasure as when I first felt the hot enveloping softness of her tight vagina. Slowly I started to thrust, then faster and faster. She responded to the pace, calling out my name. I felt from deep within my testicles the sperm start to rise. I was soon at the point of no-return and tried to hold back as long as possible, not wanting the incredible sensation to stop. Then with a great cry I felt my sperm race upwards and out: one, two, three, four and up to sixteen ejaculations. I was in heaven.
We lay in each other's arms, soaked with each other's perspiration, and glistening in the light from the partially open curtain. I loved the feel of her lips against mine, and the weight of her curly black hair on my fingers. We slept soundly for a while, until I felt the stirrings in my penis again and she wrapped her long legs around my waist and pulled me closer. We tried it differently next time, going doggie-style so that I could bring her to climax with my fingers on her clitoris and at the same time enjoy the new sensations from a different position. We must have made love six times that night, finally falling soundly asleep under the light cover of the top sheet.
The rest of the weekend was a pure pleasure, with some wonderful walks at sunset along the Battery City Esplanade, and long embraces. And each night of renewed passion, as we explored all the possibilities of sexual contact. It was a weekend to remember.