Ayah...that was a great fuck

When I , I never thought about sex or having boyfriends or even looking at boys. I used to think the hole down there was for peeing and getting bad blood out of my body. I was a lively person, so full of zest and never once thought that babies came out of our body. I come from a small family of 4. My parents and my younger brother who at that time. My mother runs her own business and she is never home up till late at night father runs a mini market which is doing pretty good. The MM is near our house and dad comes home to rest and take a shower before he goes back to the MM. My body was developing quite fast and I would say I had a great body, nice tits for a old. I used to be the topic among the boys in my school. I liked the attention but was never bothered by it. At this time I also found my dad to pay special attention to me as well. I was not aware that my dad actually had other thoughts about me. I came home early from school this fateful/yet the turning point of my life day. As I walked into the house I found my dad taking his shower. I went into my room and switched on my PC to go on line. I had a shower and walked into the room naked. I was tired and I just dropped on my bed lazily just thinking about the day at school. Suddenly I felt a touch on my bum and I turned only to find my dad standing by my bed naked and his thing hanging so big. I was so shocked and jokingly said...hey dad...why are you showing your thing to me...shame on you. He just laughed and and told me to feel it.I did as he told as innocently as I could be.As I was feeling it it started to grow even bigger and his is a massive 7" at least. He told me stroke it and I did just that. He was making some weird moans and he told me to give him a blow job.I didn't know what that was but slowly held my head and brought his penis near to my mouth and told me to put it into my mouth.Why dad??Just do it..I took that big thing and put it into my mouth...I felt my mouth was going to tear. It tastes alright, so, I felt that that was okay. He moaned as he pushed it further into my mouth and at this time I didn't feel too good about it.I took it out of my mouth and told him to leave my room. He pushed me on the bed and started stroking my body and his fingers were all over my body. I felt so dirty but at the same time I felt so nice.That tingling feeling, my body shivering, my thighs tightening and my tits getting hard were a great experience. As he was toying with my tits I looked into his eyes and I saw so much love and feeling from this handsome man whom I called dad. I didn't feel anything was wrong...just terribly wet down there from some type of liquid at that moment as I just gave in to his needs. He fingered my skin(clitoris) down there and that felt like I was in heaven. He stopped and he said...now...I am going to give you the best pleasure in life which you will never forget for the rest of your life. He lay flat on his back and he told me sit on him. bum facing his face and my face looking at his penis. Now, lets both make each other happy. I could feel his tongue lapping against my thighs and I could feel his heavy breath on my skin. What should I do dad?? Just do what you did earlier only now you hold it and stroke it while you lick the head. I just did that and I could hear dad moaning.Does it hurt dad?? No...thats just lovely baby...just keep doing doing it and as he was saying it I felt his tongue touch my clitoris. I jumped up and couldn't believe the sensation. Dad grabbed hold of my bum and continued with what he was doing and I was in heaven.I felt my blood rush to my head and my stomach was churnning. It was going on for about 5 minutes or so...I felt my pee was rushing out but it was not pee...something gushed out and my thighs were so tight and my whole body was wobbly and I was breathing so heavy and I was actually humping my vagina against my dad's face. Yes baby...release it said my dad.Release what??At that moment I felt this sudden rush of something and I heard my dad licking my clitoris so fast that I almost fainted. At that moment he suddenly shouted me to stop from sucking his penis. I stopped and he stopped. Both of us just stopped and looked at each other...wiped our faces and started kissing passionately when I felt my dad slowly pushing me down on the bed and brought his penis close between my thighs.What are you doing dad? You are going to enjoy this baby. You are so wet, I could just slip my thing into you baby. What??That inside my vagina? No dad, you will break me. I had no say as I felt dad slowly pushing in his penis..I felt like screaming but he was so gentle that I didn't feel any pain. I felt his penis sliding into me and I did feel a slight discomfort but I liked it. He grabbed my whole body and hugged me so hard that I thought I was going to break....but his passionate kisses just made me feel nice. He was going in and out of me and I was beginning to feel the same sensation which I felt earlier. Only this time it was much better as I was moaning and groaning out loud...dad had to put his palm across my mouth...suddenly dad was getting aggressive and fast...and he was shouting obscene words and saying lovely things and he was actually whispering in my ears saying....I am coming baby...huh?? coming where dad?? Oh yes baby....yes baby....I was feeling so great and looking at dad made me feel great. Suddenly dad got faster and he pulled out his penis and thats when I felt this white liquid shoot out of his penis all over my stomach, tits and face..some got into my nostrils as well. It was so hot. He was shaking and slumpped beside me. Yes baby...that is the best fuck I ever had in a long, long time. I just felt that I had done something wrong but I liked it as well. My dad wiped me clean and told me to clean up and for it was almost time for my brother to return home. Please keep this a secret Ani, my dad said to me. This is between me and you and I will give you anything as long as you don't tell anyone. I promised dad and both of us have been doing it until I 9 and left the house to go to England to study. Mum never found out and so did my boyfriend. Dad was my first lover and the best ever and I have never felt the same touch from my boyfriend, yet! I guess he was right when he said during the first time...you will never forget this for the rest of your life...you are so right dad.Well, I guess thats life. I will have to leave my dad alone so that he can concentrate on making money to support anothers of my education at the University.