Fire Call

One day, I had just returned from a fire call. Well my old babysitter from 1985 or so was talking to my mom and she had this one other young woman with her that looked 16 as well. She introduced us and we took off to the garage so i could show her my blue lights. Well, she was dressed quite nice. she was wearing some kind of shirt and she had a mini skirt on with black knee highs that go a little bit above the knees oh this was hot. I was taking some pretty hard swallows. I lit up a smoke (which i'm underage for, nut not sex) and just tried to get it off my mind. I put my tailgate down and sat there just talkin' about weather and dumb stuff like that. well she turned to me to laugh at somethimg i said, and i happened to look down after something caught my fancy. i was able to cath a quick glance of her labias about to bust out of her panties. she discovered i had been looking down there. I automatically think "oh no i suddeny screwed up" well, she just smiled a bit. and we talked more and sorts. I found ourselfes getting closer to each other I9 just couldn't handle it anymore, and I just turned to her and kissed her. It was quite a passionate kiss. I finally fell of my truck and found myself beetween her legs. She just had the nicest legs and the most beautiful belly. I didn't want to look like a retarded fellow, so i had to act like i meant to do that. i was on my knees and she just put each of her legs on my shoulders. so mr. dumbass (me) was all like "oh no, what do I do now" well, i finally gathered my ballz and just slowly licked up and down her legs, all the way up to her mid thigh and then moved on to her belly. just missing her vagina just to tease her. I finally pulled off her panties. i moved my toung counter clockwise just aruond her pleasure pouch. than i finally, after all the anticipation i finally slid my toung down har vaginal path. she just was breathless and the warm vaginal juices aginst my toung was just exquisit. i finally found the clit and just fondled and licked that. she must of enjoyed it due to the fact the truck was vibrating. Then i realized she was about to have an orgasm. An earth shattering moan came from her mouth, har vagina just tightened around my toung, and the most beautiful tase came over my toung and i just loved it. After her orgasm she was just breathing heavilly. i then found it my duty to pull off my uniform pants and passionately kiss her again. I then slowly slid my P.P into virgin-jina. I pumped and pumped, and pumped. I just felt her legs, her belly, her hair. after about twenty minutes of pumping, we both had orgasms. i kinda hadn't gone through puberty yet so nothing came out. although, she was fully developed. after word, i flipped onto my back and just sighed i turned and looked at her and said thank you. we both lost our virginity to eachother. we layed there for a few minutes, but then had to get up and go back in so the adulots didn't get suspicious. then we both enjoyed a soda or two.

We are now dating and still drink Pepsi, talk about weather and tornadoes.