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Most stories that I read in this site are made by men who portrayed themselves as "powerful" with a big dick, but I know all claims are fake coz for an average asian man especially the Malays, our dick's length is between 5-7 inches only. Couldnt be more except for special cases where they use sexual aids like Penis Enlarger or seen a bomoh for "special massage". Most guys just exagerate their stories to get attention from girls. I find this behaviour is rather pathetic. This is my friend's true experience in Georgetown, Penang recently.

According to him (Single Malay, aged 27, Businessman with 6 1/2" Dick)

" Basically in Georgetown, Penang, you can just ask any cab driver or tri-cycle riders for sex places. I prefer chinese girls as they are more serious about sex services here. At RM160 per "play", you can get the best, model-look chinese.

My experience started when I was in Shang-Rila Hotel near Komtar. I asked a tri-cycle rider for girls and he took me to a 3-star hotel called "New Savoy Hotel". The hotel's can be clearly seen in yellow lighting on top. Ask the tri-cycle rider to take you there. The place opens around 10pm-2am.

There, I took a chinese girl named Christine. She is tall about 5'6", very slim, large breasts, nice brown-coloured hair and very nice looking. Paid RM160 for a 45-minute experience(one shot only!). She took me to a room, undress herself and asked me to follow her for a simple shower. She has a beautiful body I must say.. the moment I saw her breasts about 34C/34D, and pink nipples, I just knew I'm gonna enjoy fucking her.

She started with a simple massage on my back. Just to keep me relax and comfortable with her. She was not that talkative though and serious about her "job". Then, she turned me over and ask me to lie down while she sucked my nipples and some other parts of my body. At this time I squeezed her firm butt. Sorry she doesn't do blowjob or handjob. What she did on me was, she slides her breasts against my body and then rub my dick between her soft large breasts. By this time, I was so hard seeing her, doing the rubbing on me. Her softness against my hardness...

Then I asked her would it be okay if I lick her and she told me, just a little coz' she couldnt stand being licked all over actually.. so she then lied down and I was on her.. squeezing her breasts, licking her pink nipples and suck them. Then I licked her belly and moved down to lick her inner tights. She was restless and tried to avoid being licked anymore by moving her legs apart. But I kept on licking coz I know she lieks it and saw her pussy was very wet... I rub her wet pussy with my fingers and feel her wet-lips. So warm!!! She told me not to lick anymore coz she couldnt stand it and asked me to fuck her. She spread her legs wide for me and at first I didn't insert all.. just teasing her pussy with my dick while fondling her soft large breasts. In and out.. Inn and outtt.. Innnn and Ouuttt just that, to start the rythm going. She really like swhen I play my dick into her pussy like that.
After a while, I then fucked her deep.. rammed all my inches into her and it really took her by surprise and moaned loudly. I knew I just hit her hard and made sure she "felt" me! I kept ramming and ramming.. and she kept moaning and moaning.. loudly.. and then slowly as she got used of my pace. She kept lookign at the ceiling, and I know she is enjoying the good sex we are having now.

Seeing her breasts wobbling up and down just made me so hard and I soon cummed with pleasure. She then wiped my dick and took my condom out. It is all covered with her juice and my sperms. Very thick one I tell ya coz I practise eating Tongkat Ali. We went into the shower again and she cleaned my body. After we put on our clothes back, she combed her hair back and light a cigarrete as a sign of satisfaction. I was there for 40 minutes. What an experience.

When I was about to leave the door, I saw her caught a glimpse on me and I just knew she like what I did to her.. taking her by surprise with all the inches I got. In a way, I knew she is saying her thanks for being that good on bed, I didnt regret taking her by suprise by ramming all when she least expect it. I will surely go there again to meet her. She is one beautiful chick I've ever had! The money I spent on her was really worth it!!

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